I’m a luxury destination wedding and elopement photographer, currently living Idaho + PNW, with Oklahoma frequenting.

A little about me

My full name is Peyton Rainey Byford! My maiden name is Rainey, but when I got married I changed my middle name to it! I am a PNW and central U.S. based wedding and elopement photographer who travels all over documenting love stories worldwide.

A love for travel

My love for photography began when Colton and I decided to spend every dollar we had on traveling the world. I would always have us be the subjects of beautiful sceneries until one day the subjects of those sceneries, moments, and intimate experiences were my couples. We had realized that our love for traveling, meeting new people, and creating a lifetime of tangible memories was now something we could do and share with others as well! 

Favorite things

- Day trips and weekend getaways to the mountains with friends. Typically skiing, hiking, and cooking out by a campfire.
- Thai food and sushi.
- Planning new personal adventures somewhere we haven't been before. On the handful of days I'm home throughout the year, you will probably find me at a coffee shop editing, or at home with my sweet husbabe (Byford Films), our son, Bowie, our miniature dachshund, Marble, and reality TV.

My other half!

Throughout our travels, while I had my face behind a camera, Colton had his behind a GoPro. He loved creating videos of our travel adventures and little did we know that would one day correlate into capturing those same moments I was but on film! Truly videography is one of the most magical ways of remembering the best dang day of your life and brings something to the table that still images just can't capture in the same way. The two of them together are equally valuable and we are beyond excited to get to be one of those cute and cheesy photo + video teams that offer both!


Let’s do this.

I would love for you to journey with me! Whether it’s exploring the downtown urban scape of the city on your day, roadtripping to the mountains, or flying across the country or internationally for an epic adventure, I want to make it a unique experience customized + tailored to your love. So come say hey and let’s get together!